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We build the profile of our clients by telling their story in the right places. We provide brands with the opportunity to have direct contact with media relevant to their goals. We offer social media management as part of an integrated approach to public relations and marketing. We tap into the passion of our clients and help them get that message across to their audiences.

Who we are

Maryann Shaw established Maryann Shaw Communications in 2017 after working in a number of agency environments where she obtained a solid grounding in the workings of PR.

“I grew up with media as part of my world and have worked for over twenty years in the industry, as a photographer and writer, as a photo editor and in photo library management, and for over five years in Public Relations. I love what I do and I love helping my clients be seen by the most appropriate audiences to achieve their marketing goals. I do this by discovering and telling their stories, and by building relationships on their behalf with the media that matters to them.”

We take an integrated approach to PR and can work closely with your marketing team to ensure that your PR goals are aligned with your overall marketing strategy. We can assist with common sense insights into your marketing to ensure that your PR strategy is furthering your business goals.

In some cases, where we work with smaller or start-up brands, we can be the sounding board you share your story with in order to help you find your voice.

Let us help you tell your story.

What we do

Media strategy and content creation

We listen, and get an understanding of what makes you and your business or event tick. We then develop a comprehensive PR plan, which includes how and where you should feature editorially in the most appropriate media. It may also include social media management and influencer campaigns, recommendations for advertorial or other paid for opportunities, and other elements. We will draft press releases, feature articles, company profiles and other collateral that will be used in pitching to the media.

Media Relations

We go to the media and build relationships for you. We work with you to identify who you should be talking to and which media will be interested in your story. We use a very targeted approach which media appreciate and respond well to. Our strength lies in establishing relevant and compelling media angles around your story.

Social Media Management

We understand how important and powerful social media platforms can be in telling your story. We develop engaging content plans along with a strategy to reach and grow your audiences, and make sure these plans are executed effectively.

Brand-building PR

We use these services as tools to help you build your brand and increase its visibility in the media. We work to get your story out there so that you can get on with what you do best - building your business or event.

Event PR

We have a solid track record of working with events, particularly in the lifestyle and adventure sports arena, to raise their profile across a broad spectrum of media. Our storytelling approach enables target audiences to really understand the experience an event has to offer and to compel people to attend or enter.

Complementary services

When you are telling your story, you may need some additional tools. We have a network of experienced professionals who take phenomenal pictures, make amazing videos, do graphic and website design and we know some very clever digital marketing people who can do things like Adwords, SEO and social media advertising campaigns. We stick to what we do well and use our networks to deliver a comprehensive service.

What our clients say

When we first launched our business, we knew we would need a PR agency with specific experience because of our needs as a small start up and our focus on a relatively new tourism niche. Maryann was recommended to us because of her experience working with new business in sports and adventure tourism. We had a planning session before we embarked on a formal relationship and Maryann has delivered on everything we wanted. Our business has appeared in various media relevant to our target market and now we’ll be expanding our focus to other markets too. Maryann Shaw Communications has been a really good fit for Glamtrails.

Gillian Faichnie, Co-founder of Glamtrails

Having a detailed, strategic and implementable PR plan is one of the key success factors to any marketing strategy. Trying to source a PR partner to bring our ideas and strategies to life was no easy task. We needed someone who was well networked, understood brand but more importantly could create relevant content for various demographics across many different walks of life. To date, Maryann has been consistent in delivering against her set deliverables and more. She takes a proactive approach to all that she does.

Doug Bird, WILD AIR

The Ultra-trail Cape Town Team was looking to expand the coverage that the event received to more mainstream media, rather than focus only on digital marketing and social media. We wanted someone who understood the event but who was well connected and could create content that spoke to audiences other than the trail running community. Maryann was the obvious choice and we have seen the benefits of having a committed PR partner on board. Her attention to detail and her passion for finding stories is greatly appreciated and we love having her as part of the team.

Sue Ullyet, Ultra-Trail Cape Town

We have worked with Maryann on two of our events, the KAP sani2c and Glencairn Trail Run. She takes the time to get all her facts correct as well as ensure that the relevant media houses are interested in the story and will publish it, thereby reaching the correct target market, ensuring maximum exposure. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is honest and extremely professional.

Tamika Haw, KAP sani2c and Glencairn Trail Run

We received coverage far beyond our expectations with Maryann. Torpedo is not only a new business but a new sport, and the mainstream media coverage that SwimRun has enjoyed has been a great boost. Front covers in both the Cape Times and Weekend Argus were two of our great successes this year.

Richard McMartin, Torpedo SwimRun

One of our best decisions to date was our signing with Maryann Shaw Communications for all our PR requirements. The well targeted media attention, hand selected and generated by Maryann on her first project with us was unprecedented against our experience. It realised exposure and value that far exceeded any reasonable expectations and we highly appreciate the personalised attention, genuine interest and high energy delivery of service.

Ryan Stramrood, Extreme Swimmer and Inspirational Speaker

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