Media strategy and content creation

We listen, and get an understanding of what makes you and your business or event tick. We then develop a comprehensive PR plan, which includes how and where you should feature editorially in the most appropriate media. It may also include social media management and influencer campaigns, recommendations for advertorial or other paid for opportunities, and other elements. We will draft press releases, feature articles, company profiles and other collateral that will be used in pitching to the media.

Media Relations

We go to the media and build relationships for you. We work with you to identify who you should be talking to and which media will be interested in your story. We use a very targeted approach which media appreciate and respond well to. Our strength lies in establishing relevant and compelling media angles around your story.

Social media management

We understand how important and powerful social media platforms can be in telling your story. We develop engaging content plans along with a strategy to reach and grow your audiences, and make sure these plans are executed effectively.

Brand-building PR

We use these services as tools to help you build your brand and increase its visibility in the media. We work to get your story out there so that you can get on with what you do best – building your business or event.

Event PR

We have a solid track record of working with events, particularly in the lifestyle and adventure sports arena, to raise their profile across a broad spectrum of media. Our storytelling approach enables target audiences to really understand the experience an event has to offer and to compel people to attend or enter.

Complementary services

When you are telling your story, you may need some additional tools. We have a network of experienced professionals who take phenomenal pictures, make amazing videos, do graphic and website design and we know some very clever digital marketing people who can do things like Adwords, SEO and social media advertising campaigns. We stick to what we do well and use our networks to deliver a comprehensive service.